www.marsdenpackaging.comWith the marketplace saturated with products, we, the consumers often rely on the packaging to help us to make our purchase decision. Our supermarket shelves are stacked high with the promise of tasty decadent treats and confectionery, and its not unusual for the packaging to be as decadent in design as the treats within.

But recent research shows that packaging covered in text and images overwhelms the customer, and for this reason, simple, stylish packaging is becoming increasingly popular, with a “less is more” approach. The upshot is that recently there has been a trend towards retro packaging design, something we are calling “Sweet Nostalgia”.

The style is driven by hand-lettered typographic-driven images, combined with retro icons, and vintage pastel colors. The overall feeling of much of the packaging is a trip to a retro sweetshop, invoking memories of childhood days and the clinking of pocket money coins in your pockets!

The design elements which define “Sweet Nostalgia” include:

Kitsch vintage typography
Pastel colors and bold vertical stripes
Handwriting vs. block fonts
Spots and polka dots
Mix of retro and slanted fonts

Much of the packaging displays individually drawn compositions of free-hand typography which are combined with layouts inspired by vintage chalkboard menus. The words themselves vary in font from one line to the next and simple frames or polka dot backgrounds all add to the vintage feel.

Colours are pastel and communicate the flavours within, pigments of orange, green and pink corresponding to orange, mint and strawberry flavours. This approach moves away from previous trends where graphic designers struggled with communicating taste complexity, providing confusing, over exaggerated packaging in an attempt to relay the decadence within. Modern packaging comes from the opposite camp, by embodying a beautiful simplicity that conveys what’s inside without saying much!

Whispering indulgence and quality rather than shouting in your face about it!